They say you save the best for the last and truthfully it wasn’t planned but visiting Plateau state as the last state on our Northern Itinerary was everything. Jos won my heart and I am looking forward to going back there .

We arrived Jos from Bauchi which is a journey of about 3 hours by road. We checked into our hotel and retired for the day. The next morning , half of our squad returned back to Abuja whilst the rest of us were ready to explore Jos . It was a very chilly morning for me and I was told that the cold weather being experienced now is child’s play compared to that of December . Our first point of visit was the Jos Wildlife Park which requires a gate fee of 200 Naira for adults. A guide took us round showing us the various animals in the park ranging from storks,crocodiles,ostriches amongst others.

When we got to the lions den, the lion was pacing very fast and our guide informed us that the lion was restless having been put in a smaller den as they were cleaning its main den.I didn’t realize when I started walking away cause this my life is quite precious to me. The highlight of the park for me was trying to get the elephant’s attention as it was busy eating and ignored us. You can see more here .

From the wildlife park we proceeded to the Jos Museum where we learnt some pre colonial history of Nigeria and taking of photographs weren’t allowed . This is one of the few museums that I’ve visited that didn’t fascinate me at all and it is also the smallest that I have been to and a gate fee of 100 naira is required . Just adjacent to the Jos Museum is the Museum of Traditional Nigerian Architecture and one word for this place is WOW . This is the oldest and only outdoor museum in Nigeria and the best I have been to . Now, what makes this place interesting is the fact that you can see how different tribes in Nigeria built their houses, kingdoms, etc in the pre colonial era. Sadly, this place is not properly managed and I do hope things become better here as it is a gem and a must visit for everyone. You can check my Insta story here to see more!

From this museum, we stopped to get food from Taste Bini and their food was fresh and top notch . Let’s just say, I wasn’t properly dressed for our next point of call but nonetheless I pulled it through and made it to the famous Shere hills which are a range of undulating hills and rock formations on the Jos Plateau. The Shere Hills have numerous high peaks, with the highest peak being 1,829 metres or 6,001 feet above sea level, the Shere Hills is the highest point of the Jos Plateau and they form the third highest point in Nigeria after Chappal Waddi .We didn’t hike the hill but took pictures and left .

Our final stop for the day was to the Ten Commandments Monument which is still under construction. I am guessing it would be used for Church activities and I look forward to coming here for retreats, crusades, etc.

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We passed by the Rock which the Map of Nigeria was depicted on, got food afterwards and retired to bed .

I would be sharing about my second day in Jos in my next post and I hope you enjoyed reading this!

Have you been to Jos before and any of the places I visited? If you have not, would you like to visit any of these places soon? I would love to read from you in the comments section!


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