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The second state in my northern trip was Bauchi state which is the pearl of the tourism and only Three hours away from Kano . You can read up about my Kano experience here. On arrival in Bauchi, we went straight to the Emir’s palace where we were welcomed but couldn’t go into the palace as they had a meeting ongoing, however we took some pictures in the compound and went to the first Prime Minister of Nigeria’s Tomb .

The tomb is the final resting place of the first Prime Minister  of Nigeria . It was declared a national monument on August 29, 1979 by the military administrator of the state at the time, Brigadier Garba Duba. The construction of the tomb and the building enclosing the grave began in 1977 and it was commissioned in July 1979. The tomb also includes a reference library and a mosque. 

The tomb is  beautiful and our guide also made us understand that the colors in the tomb represent the various ethnic groups of Nigeria . The late prime minister’s first son interestingly visits the tomb every Friday.

The museum here highlighted the life and times of the prime minister . We got to learn about his simple lifestyle , religious dedication , his educational background as well as his family life .Check out Nigeria's first Prime Minister's Tomb Click To TweetWe were also shown the last bed frame he used, his praying mat, his wristwatches and caps . This particular space reminded me of Fela’s room at kalakuta museum as well as Obasanjo’s room while in prison which is at the OOPL.

We got to try some local snacks particularly masa which is made from rice . We also tried yamarita and suya too and we retired for the night . The next morning we took a two hour drive to Sumu Wildlife park . The park was established in  2006.  The Namibian government donated 100s of wildlife to the Bauchi state government, these animals were brought from different game reserves in Namibia to Bauchi and include giraffes, zebras, blue wildebeest, red hartebeest, oryx, kudu, springbok and common impala. During our visit, we saw mainly giraffes and zebras however the guide informed us that there are various species of animals.


From the Sumu Wildlife park, we went to the Gidan Madakin Palace which was built in 1860 by Zaria’s celebrated master builder Muhammed Durugu, a local genius popularly referred to as ‘Babban Gwani’. Durugu was famous for designing the palaces of the emirs of Northern Nigeria and was said to have been killed by the Emir of Zazzau after he built his palace for fear that he might build a better one elsewhere. The Palace  was declared an Ancient Monument on February 16, 1956 by the National Commission on Museums and Monuments.Did you know about this Palace in Nigeria that was built in 1860? Click To Tweet

The people here were welcoming and the crowd of people that came around us made me feel special. The palace was quite fascinating to me and I was happy that the place was still kept well for people to visit.  Our last stop for the day was to the Gubi lake/dam which is a man made Lake and a place where you can just appreciate the beauty of Nature. We got dinner and retired for the day. The next morning we departed Bauchi town to the Yankari Game Reserve which was a ninty minutes ride. On arrival, a gate fee of 2,000 Naira for adults and 800 Naira for students is to be paid.

The first  thing to note is that the baboons in Yankari are in charge and would grab any nylon they come across . One of the baboons entered one of our rooms and stole our bread. After settling in, we spent the rest of the afternoon in the Wikki warm spring, pictures do not do justice to this place and it’s a place I think every One in Nigeria should visit as it an experience of lifetime. I had a great time and I am sure you will as well.


The next day, we took a day trip to Gombe which I would share about next as it was only three hours from Yankari Game reserve. After we returned from Gombe , we went on a safari ride within Yankari in the morning before we left . We did not get to see as many animals as we had expected and this was because there has been a lot of poaching happening in the game reserve . It is really sad that these poachers would not let the animals be. Nonetheless, as we got into the reserve , our guide took us to Marshall Cave which were discovered in the early part of the 20th century. The Marshall Caves are fifty-nine dwellings dug into sandstone escarpments. hide from slave raiders associated with the Emir of Bauchi and/or Arabic slave raiders coming down from the Sahara region. The caves feature rock paintings and engravings in various lines, presumably created by their initial inhabitants.

We went round the cave, took pictures and departed for our next state. I totally enjoyed my stay in the pearl of tourism and would love to visit again. I am thankful that there is so much to do in Nigeria .

Have you been to a Bauchi? What was your experience? If you have not, is Bauchi on your list? Feel free to share your thoughts and questions with me.

Bauchi is my 19th state in my Journey to visit 25 Nigerian states before turning 25!


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  1. I love travelling as well,but your exploration and tour have enlightened my knowledge to northern state..thanks you for what you do

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