Hello everyone, I recently went to explore the Arabian paradise which is of interest to a lot of Nigerians with TVP Adventures and I had such a good time. Dubai is fast becoming one of the top destinations for most people and I am not surprised as visiting Dubai is relatively easy and the Dubai tourism board has made it more accessible by providing as much relevant information that you would need to visit this beautiful country.

Dubai wasn’t always a destination for tourism as it was established as a fishing village in the early 18th century but presently tourism is an important part of the Dubai government’s strategy to maintain the flow of foreign cash into the emirate. Dubai’s lure for tourists is based mainly on shopping, but also on its possession of other ancient and modern attractions. As of 2018, Dubai was the fourth most-visited city in the world based on the number of international visitors and the fastest growing, increasing by a 10.7% rate. The city hosted 14.9 million overnight visitors in 2016, and is expected to reach 20 million tourists by 2020 and with the rate at which Dubai is visited I am sure they would achieve that.Upon arrival, passing through immigration was seamless and we were even offered free tourist sims as we met  with our Dubai Team .



We arrived in the early hours of the morning , so we grabbed breakfast as soon as we got to our hotel and went off to sleep . Later that evening we went out for a Dinner Dhow Cruise which had us cursing on a low pace with loads of food to eat and it was so amazing . Only down side was we weren’t allowed to play music loudly as it was the holy season . We retired to our hotel and that ended our first day in Dubai.

The next day we were set to explore all of Dubai with the Dubai City tour that was already planned out by TVP Adventures. Our first stop was to the Dubai Museum which is the main museum in Dubai and was built in 1787 and is the oldest building in Dubai. The museum was opened by the Ruler of Dubai in 1971, with the aim of presenting the traditional way of life in the Emirate of Dubai.  As we entered, we could see the fort constructed and the various displays that go along with it. From the fort, there is a path to the galleries, which displays the general culture of the land, especially in the 1800s. It includes local antiques as well as artifacts from African and Asian countries that traded with Dubai. I am a fan of museums in every city I visit as it as an avenue for me to get to learn more on the history of the city.

From the Museum, we stopped by the Spice Souk and the Gold Souk and the spice souk fascinated me more as I got to learn about various spices that I never knew about and got to try out a whole of Dates.

From the Souks, we made it to the tallest building in the world!!!- Burj Khalifa. Burj Khalifa was opened in 2010 as part of a new development called Downtown Dubai as it is designed to be the centerpiece of large-scale, mixed-use development.

FUN FACT: Burj Khalifa has the world’s third-fastest elevator which amazed us all and in a minute we were on the 124th floor!

From Burj Khalifa, we rushed to our hotel to freshen up and set out to head to the Desert Safari. Have you really visited Dubai without visiting the Desert Safari? The ride in the Desert was a scary but fun one at the same time. I screamed, laughed, held my stomach and our driver kept doing a lot of stunts which is better experienced as no words fit how to describe this experience. You can check my Insta story for more here.

At the Desert Safari, I had my second camel ride experience, I did the Camel ride for the first time in The Gambia. After the camel ride, we settled in, got free henna designs and had  BBQ Dinner while be entertained by a Dancer. Hours later I was back in my hotel, exhausted after a long day of activities which I totally enjoyed.

The next day was a free day for the group while my best girl and I opted to go so spend the day at the Beach  and go Jet Skiing which was definitely one of the major highlights of my trip as I had so much fun!

The rest of my trip was spent visiting the Mall to shop and eat mainly before returning back home. Dubai is one city which is evolving daily and I would definitely be returning as there are more activities and places to visit in this beautiful country.

I recently got nominated as a Rising Star of the Year ( Tourism ) for the 2019 Pyne Awards and it would mean a lot to me if you can vote for me here as the voting ends in a few hours. Please check for Diusor Odiakosa in category 20 and vote for me here.

Have you visited Dubai before? What was your experience like? If you have not, is Dubai on your bucket list? I am also available to create a Dubai Package and process Dubai Visa for you and your friends. Feel free to share your thoughts and questions with me in the comments section!


I am Diusor Odiakosa, a Sociologist by qualification who is in a Long-term relationship with Travelling and Exploring! Currently I am on a goal to visit 25 States in my Country; Nigeria before I turn 25! while still exploring other parts of the World. I love beautiful things, places and people. This travel blog is where I share all my stories, photos and experiences from my journey as well as tips and travel informations that I hope you find interesting and handy. Feel free to say hello at : [email protected]


  1. Very interesting guide on Dubai, there are so many travel blogs on Dubai but this is insightful. I’ll sure be back to this shortly before my next Dubai trip for guidance.

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