After exploring Nairobi city and visiting all the spectacular places which I shared all about here, I was ready to go on Safari and go Zip-lining. Very early on Saturday morning, we set out to the Nairobi National park ready to see as many games as the park had .

Our first sight on entering into the park were Antelopes. We only caught a short glimpse of them before we could take good pictures of them. After which we saw more animals like Zebras, Baboons, Giraffes and Impalas. We got to know that the Male Impalas operate a 2-week dominant cycle, where they mate with up to 30 to 40 females, before another male takes over.

We searched for so long for the King of the Jungle; The Lion but sadly no one at the park got to see him that day. After going round for a long time with no sight of the lion we decided to leave the park. From the park, we got lunch and thereafter rested for the remaining part of the day.

The next day I woke up super excited as we were going Zip-lining and White water ducking which was a new experience for me. The drive lasted about an hour from Nairobi to Sagana where our activities where to take place. The Savage wilderness which was our destination also offers more activities like bungee jumping, mountain climbing, camping and more!

I would definitely love to go back there to go camping. We got all set for our zip-line and we were given instructions by our guide.

After getting all Kitted, I went Zip-lining twice!!! Sadly, I could not get pictures of my Zip-lining but you can watch my video here.

Right after we got off the Zipline, we got kitted and started our White water ducking after getting instructions from our Guide. It was not easy rowing as there were rocks in the water but luckily for me, our guide was my partner on my boat which made it easier for me. One highlight for me here was when we went under the falls and it was refreshing. The entire experience was so much fun and would love to have the experience again.

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We had lunch afterwards and returned back to Nairobi. The rest of the day was used for last minute shopping and we flew back to Nigeria later that Night! I had a good time in Kenya and would definitely love to return and go to Mombasa, go on Safari at Masai Mara and camp with the people there.

A few things to note about Kenya:

*Visa is gotten on arrival for Nigerians for 50 dollars.

*Driving in Kenya is on the left-side compared to the right-side of driving in Nigeria.

*You cannot take pictures of most Government buildings, so always look out for the no-photos signs before taking a picture!

*If you plan to go White Water Ducking, go with comfortable shoes you do not mind putting in Water and have Sunscreen with you!

*If you are visiting Kenya, you need a valid Yellow Fever Card before you allowed to enter their country.

*The Kenya Police take permission politely before searching your vehicle which was quite impressive.

*Smoking in Public in Kenya is prohibited and attracts a fine of 500 dollars

I do hope you have enjoyed reading my trip to Kenya. Have you been to Kenya before? What was your experience like? If you have not; do you have plans to visit Kenya soon and do you find this post helpful? Please share your thoughts with me in the comments section!



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  1. Wooow I actually needed this cus I am currently working on a trip to Kenya, do you have suggestions on Kenya or South Africa?

  2. Thank you for always taking us along in spirit,do and take us in body and soul biko. So I can experience this too

  3. An exciting recap of your trip to Kenya. I came here looking for ideas and will add Savage Wilderness to our list of places to check out. Thanks for sharing!

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