The Warm Springs of Ekiti State

Knowing that Ekiti State was next door to Ondo State, I knew that a visit to Ondo would not have been complete without visiting Ekiti state. After Climbing Idanre Hills, visiting the Deji of Akure’s Place and seeing the Rocks from which the world map was formed which I shared here and here, I dashed off to Ekiti state! The journey lasted for 90 minutes. I had heard tales of the hot and cold springs at Ikogosi Warm Springs which is located in Ekiti state and I had it on my bucket list and alas I was excited to finally be here!

The Ikogosi Warm Springs is a very unique one, one of its kind in the world and hence makes it one of the talked about tourist attractions in Nigeria. An entry fee of 500 hunderd naira is charged per adult . The walk from the reception to the warm springs reminded me of the Nature Walk Trail at Lekki Conservation Centre in Lagos.

The warm and cold springs of Ikogosi come from a close proximity, come to a meeting point, and flow onward together with each sprig retaining its own temperature.Read all about the Warm Springs of Ekiti Here! Click To Tweet

It is quite interesting that at the meeting point, there are two trees growing from the source and I heard this signifies unity, oneness and harmony. There are different stories about the history of the Warm Springs but the most popular and very interesting one  is the story of  a Man who had two wives. The warm Spring was believed to be the second wife who was his most troublesome wife while the Cold Spring was believed to be his First Wife who was the loving one.

To the left is the Second Wife while to the right is the First Wife

However, according to Wikipedia, the Warm Springs was discovered by a Missionary named Rev. John S. McGee in 1952. The warm springs is said to have 9 main sources from which the water comes from.  It is amazing that the water which comes from the Spring is constant all day. People come to fetch the water daily to drink, for curing of diseases and more! There is also a swimming pool here which is channeled directly from the source of the warm springs. I did enjoy putting my legs in both springs simultaneously.

One Leg in the Cold Spring and the other in the Warm Spring!

I left Ikogosi and tried to get to Arinta Waterfall which is 30 minutes away from Ikogosi. Unfortunately, they were closed on getting there. I left to Ado-Ekiti which is the State’s Capital, drove around the city and retired to bed after a long day. I returned home the next day, feeling fulfilled that I had conquered 2 new states in one Trip. Ekiti is my 14th State in My Journey and I am so glad I took this trip which was my first ever solo trip!

I would rather recommend a visit to Ekiti with a visit to Ondo State. Have you been to Ekiti State before and Ikogosi Warm Springs? What was your experience like? Which of the stories do you believe in as the origin of the Warm Springs? Please share your thoughts with me in the comment section! 

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