INSIDE ONDO STATE: Oyemekun Rocks and Deji of Akure’s Palace

After Climbing the great Idanre Hills, I decided to check out other places in the state’s capital before moving over to Ekiti  and I visited Oyemekun Rocks which is known as the place that has the rocks that houses the entire world and its inhabitants.

There was no tour guide on duty during the time I went but I had heard that the rocks had the maps of various places in Nigeria and the world. I took pictures and left!

My final place of Visit in Ondo state was to the Deji of Akure’s palace. It would interest you to know that this palace was built in 1150AD.

The palace has various courtyards  which serve different purposes including festivals which I partially witnessed during my time in the state. I was shown the section where the king usually sits to give decisions, saw his special bicycle which he used only once a year. 

Final Thoughts on Ondo State

I enjoyed my time in Ondo state and it was a totally different experience for me which I liked. It is a nice place to visit and not expensive to visit at all. I wish I had visited more places in the state but still I am happy I visited the places I did.

I took a cab to the next state  which is Ekiti which I shared all about here. I do hope you enjoyed this last part of my Ondo State Trip for My Journey. Ondo makes it officially my 13th state for my Journey to visit 25 Nigerian states before turning 25! 

Have you been to any of the places mentioned? Have you been to Ondo state before? Please feel free to share your experience and thoughts with me in the comments section below!

Love From Your Favourite Ajala!

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