After my first day in Osun state where I explored the Osun Sacred groove, which I shared all about here, The next day we visited the Nike Arts centre which was opposite the hotel in Dada Estate Road, Osogbo where we were lodged and the freedom Park which is in the heart of Osogbo.

On getting there, we met some students there who informed us that visitors aren’t allowed on Sundays but with a call through to their manager we were allowed into the centre. Unlike the Arts Gallery in Lagos, this one was smaller and didn’t have as many artworks as the one in Lagos. Entry into the Arts Centre was also Free!

The lightning here wasn’t good enough so we got tired easily and took a few pictures, we looked through the artworks we could see, thanks to the student who took us around and left. However, I think more attention should be given to the Arts centre in Osogbo just like the one in Lagos.

Leaving the Nike Arts Centre, we went to the Nelson Mandela Freedom Park which is around the popular Olaiya Junction.

On arrival, we met some officials there who asked that we had to pay 200naira per person for access to the park. The park was really empty, the fountain wasn’t flowing an as per usual we just went with the flow and took pictures.

I rather suggest the freedom park as a spot for picnics with your friends or family. My First part of my trip to Osun state was to the  Osun Sacred Groove while the concluding part of my trip to Osun State was on my visit to Olumirin/Erin Ijesha Waterfalls which I shared here.

Have you been to Nike Arts Centre, Osogbo or Nelson Mandela Freedom Park before? What are your thoughts about these places? Please share with me.



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  1. Never been to either of them. I guess the gallery in Osogbo is Osun State standard 😂. The park look nice and would definitely be a nice place to have a Sunday afternoon picnic.

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