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This is the second and concluding post of my Easter in Benin republic series which I started here.  Like I said in the post, we visited the Point of no return, saw the Momentum built by the Catholics and our next destination was to the Python’s temple in Ouidah otherwise known as Temple Des Pythons.After paying the entrance fee, we were assigned a tour guide who explained how the pythons live there. The two major types are known as Dagbe Kpohoun and Dagbe Dre. It’s striking that till this present day they still worship the pythons and he said they let them out sometimes to hunt for food themselves and they always find their way back; they lived up to 40 years as well.

The explorer in me wanted to carry one of them around my neck as I had seen others do but I was too scared. I watched others play with them; while we were shown the tree where they make sacrifices to and where you could also make positive wishes only to. You can see more here on my Youtube Channel.

The Tree

Leaving here, we went to the Ouidah museum.

We were shown items used by the colonial masters, some items the Kings then collected from the colonial masters in exchange for human slaves and also how they used to communicate back in the days. It quite funny how our leaders then took these little things in exchange for our people.

By now, you know from my experience here and here that pictures aren’t allowed in most museums. So, sorry guys that I couldn’t take photos of the really cool things I saw. By the end of the tour of the museum, I was famished and headed straight back to my hotel to get food and afterwards, I rested.

My 3rd day in Benin Republic was a resting day, I only went around the hotel. Plus the hotel was a perfect place for me to think and relax. Having to sleep and wake up on the beach was super refreshing!In all, my holiday was a calming and perfect one for me coupled with the fact that it was not an expensive holiday. My next visit here should be with my significant other, don’t you think so?

A few Cons on the city:

– The mosquitoes and ants are a lot, so if you must go here; go with your Insecticide and repellent.
Communication wasn’t easy, so be sure to brush up your French; as for me, I am taking up the challenge to make my French better.

A major Pro on the City:

There is barely traffic and they have a good road network; their motorcycles even have a lane of their own on the major expressways.

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  1. The explorer in me is not that adventurous to hold the snake as well 😂.
    You should also definitely go with your significant other the next you’re visiting Benin republic.

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