As my stay in the People’s paradise is gradually coming to an end, I have decided to explore the few places I can before leaving and that’s why I quickly jumped on the opportunity to join my office for the Office’s end of year picnic to KWA FALLS which is one of the tourist attractions in Cross River state, Nigeria and this is actually my first visit to a Waterfall.

Kwa Falls is located at Anegeje Village in Akamkpa Local Government Area, Cross river State, Nigeria and the journey from Calabar to the waterfalls lasted for an hour which was fun as we played games while on our way. On arrival, the head of our team had to talk to the people in charge after which we were assigned to a tour guide and we started our hike down to where the waterfalls begins.

The main building/Office at Kwa Falls

Our tour guide warned us that if anyone didn’t have the strength, they should stay back but we were all ready for a good adventure. He also gave a brief history of the waterfalls as it flows from the Cameroon river and flows into the Atlantic ocean We had to hike down on a stair path of about 230 steps till we got to the beginning of the waterfalls.

First View of the Great Kwa Falls!

At the first view of the waters, I was so happy more like I was in awe of God’s awesomeness. Seen as there were children with us on this trip, they started their own fun here as they enjoyed swimming in the water as the level was alright for them.

Totally enjoyed putting my feet in the Water

P.S – My video on YouTube gives more views of this beautiful place, you should watch it here please. The rest of us, continued to the other part of the waterfalls, I had stop to take off my shoes at a point, in order to get to the next stage. This wasn’t easy as the rocks were quite sharp and slippery. I slipped about thrice and thankfully I had wonderful people around me who helped me out.

As we got to other stage of the waterfalls, I was really astonished, God is truly amazing. This place was very beautiful and I was just lost in thoughts of the greatness here. I played with the water a lot and took pictures!!

The major start of the Waterfall that I couldn’t make it to

Literally, I was having a time of my life although I didn’t make it to the very end which is the major beginning of the waterfall as the rocks were very slippery but still it didn’t stop me from appreciating God’s work. Afterwards, we had to hike up back and this is where the real work started as it wasn’t easy at all. I had to drink a lot of water but at last, I made it back up.

We had lots to eat and drink from as we all talked, laughed and prayed before departing from the Waterfalls. Big shout out to the South South Entrepreneurship Development Centre for making this trip possible. Plans are apparently being made by the Cross River state government, to improve this place by having good accommodation, boat rides, kayaking amongst others. I really hope they do so quickly so as to make this place more relaxing for people to visit.

I have a few tips if you have never visited Kwa Falls:

  • Wear Dark Colors of clothing as your clothes might get dirty easily, thankfully I had read this before visiting and hence I am also passing the message to you; as well as wear comfortable clothes
  • Preferably go with a group of people, so you have at least someone supporting you just in case you slip like me
  • Go with enough water, energy drinks, etc. that you might need
  • Please don’t wear slippers or sandals, preferably wear trainers or sneakers
  • Most Importantly, go with a free spirit to have fun.

I hope in the coming year, I can visit at least two waterfalls, please feel free to suggest for me and carry me along if you have similar plans.

Have you been to Kwa Falls before? What was your experience like? What Waterfalls have you been to? Please feel free to share your experience with me in the comments section.

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Merry Christmas with Love From your Favorite Ajala!


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