I decided to try my skills on being a tour guide for the second time with a couple of people  who were visiting Calabar for the first time having just left the NYSC orientation camp in cross river state, Nigeria. My friend had asked me to join them and with a bus to take us around, all 15 of us. We visited TINAPA BUSINESS RESORT and MARINA RESORT


A beautiful piece in an art gallery in Tinapa
Beautiful Ladies!!

We headed firstly to Tinapa Business Resort which I had visited some months back. Tinapa has a lakeside hotel, water-park, a studio and a shopping Centre. Enroute TINAPA, I had given them a brief summary on what the place was about and every one was prepared to see this beautiful place although the place isn’t well managed anymore. On getting there, we went around to the shopping centre and most stores have packed up, we played around and took pictures.

Our next stop was the Waterpark area and while we were going, I sighted the monorail and asked the driver to turn around to its park. Prior to this time, the monorail wasn’t working so I was glad it was working on this day.

The lady in charge said it would cost 500 naira per person to go to on the monorail to CICC and back. We waited a bit and thereafter went on the monorail. It was a nice but short experience especially since I had a great company of people with me. On getting off the monorail, we headed to the waterpark area which we didn’t spend time there. My next suggestion for us was marina resort and that was our next stop!


Marina Resort, is one of the major places one usually visits in Calabar and as I said here , this place has turned to my relaxation spot whenever I have time. To enter the resort, cost a 100 naira per person. After getting in, we met the officials in charge of boat rides and after negotiating, we took a boat ride of about 9minutes to the twins island, which was where Mary Slessor had stayed with the twins that was born to a king who was in control at the time when killing of twins usually happened as they were regarded as evil children till Mary Slessor stopped it.

We met an elderly man and a young boy who live on the island who also showed us a crocodile and a tortoise.

Afterwards, we headed back into Marina Resort, got food and went home. I stopped by the Christmas Village in Calabar also which runs till the end of the year and I have a vlog which shows all about our experience that you can watch here (Please like, share and subscribe!)

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I am Diusor Odiakosa, a Sociologist by qualification who is in a Long-term relationship with Travelling and Exploring! Currently I am on a goal to visit 25 States in my Country; Nigeria before I turn 25! while still exploring other parts of the World. I love beautiful things, places and people. This travel blog is where I share all my stories, photos and experiences from my journey as well as tips and travel informations that I hope you find interesting and handy. Feel free to say hello at : [email protected]


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