36 Hours In The Coal City

Planning this trip definitely has to be the longest and shortest trip I have planned before; lol. Last weekend after several messages, calls and researches between myself and my amazing friends who were my hosts/tour guides for this trip.I eventually embarked on this short but beautiful trip to the coal city (Enugu state, Nigeria).

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The distance of 5 hours from Calabar (where I currently reside) to Enugu was fair enough; plus I have decided to judiciously use my stay in southern Nigeria and get to see new places around.

Enugu is the capital of Enugu State in Nigeria. It is located in southeastern Nigeria. The name Enugu is derived from the two Igbo words Énú Ụ́gwụ́ meaning “hill top” denoting the city’s hilly topography. The city was named after Enugwu Ngwo, under which coal was found. Enough of the plenty stories.

I arrived Enugu at about 77:15 pm on Friday evening. The little traffic which was quite organized, despite the busy roads and all seem very different to me but then again it was my first time after all. On getting to the bus park, I got a cab and headed straight to meet up with my beautiful friend and host for the weekend; Adaeze. She made sure I was comfortable all through my stay, P:S she is a Blogger, Vlogger and Artiste. You can check her YouTube-Adaeze Ume. I had a quick dinner as I was already famished from my trip.

The next and only thing I could think about was sleep but my dear friend Onyechi came to see me and we decided to drive around town just a bit before calling it a night. Onyechi showed me around the city of Enugu but unluckily for us, it started raining, so we had to stop but he assured me that he would be back the next day to continue the tour.

Fast forward to the next day which was Saturday, I was fully ready to explore as I was going to leave town the next day; Sunday. My friend, Onyechi came as promised and we moved. Our first stop was at Michael Okpara Square which is located on Independence Layout which happens to be one of the major area in Enugu

Michael Okpara whom this square is named after was a political leader in Nigeria who believed that agricultural reform was crucial to the ultimate success of Nigeria. At the square, there is a statue of Michael Okpara and I surely had to pose for a picture with the great man.

I always wanted to visit Ngwo Pine and Waterfall which is one of the major tourist attraction in the city but unfortunately I couldn’t go there but there is a place just directly opposite Michael Okpara square which looks like Ngwo pine; more like an evil forest and I beckoned on my Friends to let me take pictures inside the look-alike- Ngwo pine.

From here, we headed to have Abacha which is one of Enugu’s delicacies; you shouldn’t go to Enugu without trying Abacha. It’s quite affordable as I thought it would be more expensive

After having a great meal of Abacha we continued our tour and our next point was to Nike Lake resort and the Polo Park Mall. On getting to the entrance of Nike Lake resort after a drive of about 30minutes we were denied entry, as the state government had a function at the resort and visitors/tourists, weren’t allowed that day. This hurt me though but we moved on and headed to the Polo mark mall which is more than the typical shopping mall. With a Ferris wheel right in front, it’s worth a visit. It also has the usual mall set up; Food courts and various shopping outlets.

At this time, my body was already worn out and I needed rest but I still wanted to see more places so we went to The Enugu Golf club which has a beautiful and challenging 18 holes course with a year-round season. Here I was totally in love with Nature and was simply stunned.

I finally met up with Adaeze at The Ariba alias Voodoo where we had drinks and this place I must say is a great relaxing spot plus the structures in the building were a great sight to behold with a mighty bull which I had to take a picture there although it was already late.

My night and tour finally came to an end as I had to leave very early the next morning. Although I never tried the famous Enugu breakfast of Okpa and I didn’t visit some places which I wanted to but hopefully I shall go back again, explore more and definitely write all about it. Big Shoutout to Adaeze, Onyechi and Chidera who made my short stay enjoyable and worth every minute.

Guess what guys? This makes it officially my 9th state in my journey to 25Nigerian states before I turn 25. I shall be visiting Akwa Ibom state next by God’s grace; I would appreciate suggestions on places to visit in the state and if you live in Akwa Ibom, please let me know.

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