Day Out to the Slave History Museum,Calabar

Few weeks back, I decided to try my skills on being a tour guide with my friends who were visiting Calabar for the first time. One of the places we visited was the Slave history museum. Funny how the slave history museum is situated in Marina resort where I visit often but I never thought of going into the museum until that very day.

Visiting the slave history museum was really enlightening as the museum tour guide explained the slave trade era in details. I was initially scared seeing the sculpted representations of the Slaves (you have to take a second look to know they weren’t cadaver); we were shown the different scenes representing different eras during the slave trade period, how the slaves were auctioned and sold off. The museum also played sound recordings from which you could listen to all form of conversations between the slaves and their masters (this got me emotional). We were also educated on not only the negative side but the positive history of Nigeria and its various cultures in the past.

The beautiful thing about the museum is that it’s really pocket-friendly to access all of that within. With just 200(Naira), you are good to go; although we weren’t allowed to take pictures inside the museum that didn’t stop us from getting to know more about the slave trade era and the beautiful Nigeria Cultures. Still, it’s still a nice place to get to know about the history of Nigeria that happened years ago

The slave history museum happens to be my second visit to a museum and I hope to visit more as it appears to be an educative tourist attraction. I hope you don’t mind sharing some of the museum(s) you’ve visited that you think I might be interested in.

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  1. My dear babe, carry go, is your time. Explore the opportunity at your disposal.the joy of the Lord is your strength

  2. Try the Oron Museum. Take a boat trip from Calabar to Oron. Just at the bank of the River is where the museum is located.
    So much to learn and see

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