My Journey to the Federal Capital Territory 

Hi guys,

I trust that we are all good. Over the past weekend, I turned 20!!! I’m extremely grateful to God for keeping me safe for the past 19years of my life

*Outfit by @conaeinsignia_ on Instagram.

During this same weekend, I visited the Federal Capital Territory of my great country Nigeria, Which has its capital as Abuja, as we all know it. This officially makes it my 7th state on my journey to visiting 25states before I am 25years old.

It’s about an hour’s journey by air from Lagos to Abuja. I got to Abuja on Friday and was really tired and couldn’t go anywhere really.
Fast forward to the next day, my birthday, I visited a friend who did my makeup and we had a shoot

She is @bristlesbyucee on Instagram, you should check her out as she made me look so beautiful!

After the shoot, I headed to Blu Cabana which is located in Mabushi District to have an early dinner with a few friends.

On Sunday , I had an amazing person who took out time to drive me around the city of Abuja and showed me places such as the Millennium Park in Maitama district which is the largest public park of Abuja, the Central Bank of Nigeria, The National Mosque and also took me to National Council for arts and culture which is on Muhammed Buhari Way

Although I couldn’t really get anything there as I was in a hurry to do things and meet up with my flight. In all, my trip was amazing, although, I didn’t really explore so many places as I had limited time to spend in Abuja, I would definitely go back there, spend more time and visit more places.
Oh yeah, I definitely couldn’t leave Abuja without having Kilishi! and did I forgot to mention that Abuja is such a peaceful place with no stress of traffic and their cabs are really cheap?

Maybe I should start thinking of moving to Abuja ??..

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Till my next journey …

Yours ,


I am Diusor Odiakosa, a Sociologist by qualification who is in a Long-term relationship with Travelling and Exploring! Currently I am on a goal to visit 25 States in my Country; Nigeria before I turn 25! while still exploring other parts of the World. I love beautiful things, places and people. This travel blog is where I share all my stories, photos and experiences from my journey as well as tips and travel informations that I hope you find interesting and handy. Feel free to say hello at : [email protected]


  1. Well done for this determination to promote your country Nigeria and happy birthday to you.
    You are an epitome of beauty

  2. You sure had a splendid time out in Abuja … May God continue to give you more wisdom and knowledge in all you do. His grace is sufficient enough to carry you all through life. Just keep trusting Him and never be distracted , never be discouraged, be focus and determine. You are born blessed keep writing and one day the world will look out for you. Have a blessed day dear!!

  3. Am really happy and proud of u baby girl. U have grown so big. I mean Look at u???I pray God grant ur heart desires as u have chosen to embark on this great journey of urs. #successalltheway

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